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Lapp, D., Wolsey, T.D., & Shea, A. (2012). Blogging helps your ideas come out. California Reader, 46(1), 14-20.

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Grisham, D. L., & Wolsey, T.D. (2011). An interview with Gary Soto. California Reader, 44(2), 37-39.

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Wolsey,T. D. & Faust, M. (2013). Getting started with disciplinary literacy. California Reader, 46(3), 22-29.

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Exploring Technology for Writing and Writing Instruction

For more information about my chapter (15) or the entire book, please visit:

Digital Texts as Sources for Novice Writers

Thomas DeVere Wolsey (Walden University, USA), Diane Lapp (San Diego State University, USA) and Douglas Fisher (San Diego State University, USA)