Common Core State Standards Webinars and Webinar Guides

Common Core State Standards Webinars and Webinar Guides

Not only are a series of six webinars recorded and  available on the TextProject YouTube  channel, but we have created webinar  guides to help focus discussions teachers might have in  professional learning communities, on their social media pages, and in the  faculty lounge. Teacher educators may  find these guides useful as an activity as they work with students preparing to  become teachers. Three guides are  currently available, and more will be in the coming weeks as the webinar series  on the CCSS continues.


Visualizing the argument with graphic organizers

Lapp, D., Wolsey, T.D., & Moss, B. (2013). Visualizing the argument with graphic organizers. IRA e-ssentials collection: Rigorous real-world teaching and learning. Retrieved from doi: 10.1.598/e-ssentials.8036 Link