Conversation, Collaboration, and the Common Core: Strategies for Learning Together

What’s New in Literacy Teaching?

Conversation, Collaboration, and the Common Core: Strategies for Learning Together

Teachers can assist students to build complex understanding of content and scaffold each other’s learning, especially when digital technologies foreground the cognitive work they do while interacting with each other and with academic and popular texts. Conversation and collaboration enhances what students learn, remember, and comprehend about a topic or process. Effective conversations increase the engagement students have with learning tasks such as reading complex texts.

Gantt Charts for 6th Graders?

A blog by Jodi Sorensen featuring an interview with me about project management in the secondary grades:


My 6th grade son came home from school last week, agonizing about a group project that’s due later in the semester. “I always end up doing all the work and <insert slacker kid’s name here> will pretend he’s doing things – and we both get the same grade. I hate team projects.”  Read more…

Common Core State Standards Webinars and Webinar Guides

Common Core State Standards Webinars and Webinar Guides

Not only are a series of six webinars recorded and  available on the TextProject YouTube  channel, but we have created webinar  guides to help focus discussions teachers might have in  professional learning communities, on their social media pages, and in the  faculty lounge. Teacher educators may  find these guides useful as an activity as they work with students preparing to  become teachers. Three guides are  currently available, and more will be in the coming weeks as the webinar series  on the CCSS continues.