Accuracy in Digital Writing Environments: Read Up, Ask Around, Double-Check

Increasingly, students are held accountable for the accuracy of what they write by their teachers, by state and national standards, and on assessments of their learning. This article outlines three approaches to accuracy in writing that go beyond spelling and punctuation. New expectations include the use of sources to inform writing in many discourse modes. Digital environments have the potential to improve the accuracy of student writing. This article proposes that students learn to read digital and traditional materials in order to inform their written work, use digital tools to interact with peers during writing processes, and double-check their work for accuracy.

Key points:

Wolsey, T. D. (2014). Accuracy in digital writing environments: Read up, ask around, double-check. Voices from the Middle, 21(3), pp. 49-53)


An examination of teacher education in literacy instruction and candidate perceptions of their learned literacy practices. 

Wolsey, T. D., Young, J., Scales, R., Scales, W. D., Lenski, S., Yoder, K. K., Wold, L., Smetana, L., Grisham, D.L., Ganske, K., Dobler, E., & Chambers, S.  (2013). An examination of teacher education in literacy instruction and candidate perceptions of their learned literacy practices. Action in Teacher Education. 35, 204-222. doi: 10.1080/01626620.2013.806230

Text Complexity on TextProject

TextProject has created a new product line, the Teacher Development Series. With my excellent colleagues, Dana L. Grisham and Freddy Hiebert, we created five modules to assist teachers as they grapple with the idea of text complexity as the Common Core State Standards roll out.  From the “What’s New” page of the TextProject website:

To help teachers, whether veterans or candidates for certification, acquire the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of the new CCSS standards, TextProject introduces our first-ever product line aimed at teacher education and professional development environments. The TextProject Teacher Development Series on Text Complexity and the Common Core State Standards is a series of five modular lessons, each with guidance for teacher leaders, teacher educators or staff development leaders as well as activities for teachers.

Preview the first module here.  Four more modules will be available by August 16, 2012.  Additional information can be found on Reading Today Online, as well.