That’s My Opinion

An activity to help students understand what the word “opinion” means when they are asked to write one in school:

From the post: There are so many opinions about opinions that it can be confusing for students to know just what they are to do when their teachers ask them to write or present multimodally an opinion that is appropriate for the students’ grade level. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (2010) link opinion writing in elementary grades with the arguments they will construct in the secondary grades (6–12). Review the list of selected Common Core Standards (grades K–5) here, and you will notice that the word “opinion” comes up quite often.

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Accuracy in Digital Writing Environments: Read Up, Ask Around, Double-Check

Increasingly, students are held accountable for the accuracy of what they write by their teachers, by state and national standards, and on assessments of their learning. This article outlines three approaches to accuracy in writing that go beyond spelling and punctuation. New expectations include the use of sources to inform writing in many discourse modes. Digital environments have the potential to improve the accuracy of student writing. This article proposes that students learn to read digital and traditional materials in order to inform their written work, use digital tools to interact with peers during writing processes, and double-check their work for accuracy.

Key points:

Wolsey, T. D. (2014). Accuracy in digital writing environments: Read up, ask around, double-check. Voices from the Middle, 21(3), pp. 49-53)

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