Now that’s a Project: Technology Tools for the Collaborative Classroom

Now that’s a Project: Technology Tools for the Collaborative Classroom

When students work in groups oriented toward a particular task, their teachers often encourage them to pay attention to their group collaboration skills. A checklist can be helpful as students reflect on how well they worked together and whether they were able to get the job done well. This Goal 18 checklist is an example. Students discuss each of the elements on the chart, award themselves up to 3 points for each area of the chart, and then add the points as a means of reflecting on their collective skills working with each other.

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Gantt Charts for 6th Graders?

A blog by Jodi Sorensen featuring an interview with me about project management in the secondary grades:


My 6th grade son came home from school last week, agonizing about a group project that’s due later in the semester. “I always end up doing all the work and <insert slacker kid’s name here> will pretend he’s doing things – and we both get the same grade. I hate team projects.”  Read more…